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Here's 10 more visions I have for the Texas Inspired fakemon:

51 and 52: Snow Monkeys based out of a small town an hour south of San Antonio.
53 and 54: Catfish with electric attacks. Based on 1 of the most common fishes that hang around Calaveras Lake which is 20 miles southeast of Downtown San Antonio.

PS, Calaveras Lake is also home to a Power Plant. so a couple Pokemon that are Electric type are based on animals that live around Calaveras Lake and/or San Antonio.

55-57: Helioptile, Heliolisk, evolution is the Horned Lizard, but bigger than actual size. Electric attacks come out of lizard's horn, and special attack is Thunder Horn which is a physical attack. It paralyzes opponents.
58-60: Wingull, Pelipper, evolution is a Pelican mixed with Buccaneer. They can learn Thief and Snatch. Ability is Theft where they can steal opponent's held item.
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I'm more of an open mind. Whatever gets me in a good mood, I'm for it. Pokemon, Wrestling, Rap music, etc. I'm kinda a modern day Jekyll and Hyde. I can b Jekyll, but get on my bad side, I'm Hyde.

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